MYM.LoL to Challenger Series semi-finals

MeetYourMakers blows off competition, shooting themselves into the semi-finals of the EU Challenger Series.


Posted on January 31st of 2014 by admin

swe Meet Your Makers has defeated swe Eyes on U in a best out of three, qualifying for the semi-finals of the EU Challenger Series.

After the slight disappointment to our fans that they did not manage to win against swe SupaHotCrew for the last spot in the brackets for the LCS Europe, the swe Meet Your Makers League of Legends team has done spectacularly in the brackets of the EU Challenger series, qualifying for the semi-finals.

The round was a best out of three, but swe MYM did not need 3 games to win, as they proved their strength by conquering their opponent in the first two games.  Up until the face-off, both teams had 5 wins and 1 loss, so the result was unpredictable, but swe MYM made a great choice of champions, engages and prioritizing objectives.

What was particularly unusual to see  was Irelia and Olaf top lane and Katarina and Nidalee mid lane, because these champions are not played in competitive as much. The players mastered the champions, proving that lack of team utility and AOE can be used in your favor when the champions counter your opponent. Also, another unexpected decision was Dr. Mundo in the jungle. We have seen the other pros play this champion in top lane and making an excessive use of his strong teleport ganks, but swe Meet Your Makers proved that jungle Dr. Mundo is still viable and very strong.

Regarding performances in the Challenger Series, the players seem to thrive in every category. swe Jakub ‘Kubon’ Turewicz has the second highest KDA of all (6.7), followed by swe Krystian ‘Czaru’ Przybylski (5.8) and swe Marek ‘Makler’ Kukier(5.7).

The semi-final will be played Saturday, February 2nd at 00:00 CET and a win will take us to the finals on the 15th of February.