MYM.Fifa qualify for ESL Euro Series

The MYM.FIFA 2V2 team formed by SnEijDeR and SaLz0r qualify for the upcoming tournament.


Posted on November 19th of 2013 by admin

Our MYM.Fifa 2v2 team, consisting of MYM.SnEijDeR and MYM.SaLz0r, has qualified for the upcoming ESL Euro Series Winter Season after taking 2nd place in Qualifier #2. ESL Euro Series is sponsored by Raidcall and CM Storm and features tournaments for FIFA 14 and Starcraft 2. The FIFA 14 tournament uses the 2v2 format and features a total prize pool of €1,500.

A total of 4 qualifiers were held in order to determine which teams would get the chance to participate. All of the qualifiers are now over, and qualifying for the tournament is no longer possible. The tournament will start soon and will last until January of next year.

Qualified Teams Army of twoo PewniakiPoKase Play4Fun AmAtorki 49 Gaming MeetYourMakers rSp ft. Valvi-10 Extremis Unitis #1 Team Alternate ClanLess R0maniaX EMS AT Gaming DNIWE Team Unknown Visibility Respoool & Golazooo

Stay tuned to as we will keep you updated regarding results from our FIFA team in this and other competitions.