MYM.CoD invited to Gfinity Pro League

British organization Gfinity (most known for organizing 2 big events in London earlier this year) announced some days ago that they will be hosting a 6-team Call of Duty: Ghosts league which will run for a period of three weeks; with specific dates yet to be announced. The prize pool ...


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AMD Sapphire BF4 Championship coverage

The AMD Sapphire BF4 Championship kicked off yesterday at Dreamhack Winter 2013, and now that Day 2 is upon us; it is time for our Battlefield 4 team to start their journey in the competition. Below you can find all of the information you may need to know about the ...


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MYM signs Call of Duty: Ghosts console team

With the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, we at MeetYourMakers have seen it as the right time to enter the Console scene, and therefore have picked up the former Xtaz squad to represent us. The team has a tremendous amount of experience within Call of Duty and have competed ...