League of Legends: Why has it seen so much competitive success?

As humans we are all naturally competitive in almost everything we do. It is part of our DNA to want to be better than the others around us. Video games provide almost the perfect medium to express this desire to be the best. At its core it is a form ...



DotA 2: joinDota League Season 2 Coverage

Stream [plumwd_twitch_stream channel="djbasstv"] Updates Matches [ws_table id="23"] Standings [ws_table id="24"] Overview The second season of the joinDota League is underway. After playing in the first ever season of this competition, MeetYourMakers have earned a spot in Premier League again for season 2! This means we once again will face the top teams from around Europe in one of ...



Rdu joins MYM Hearthstone!

MeetYourMakers is thrilled to announce our latest signing to the MYM Hearthstone team. The DreamHack Open: Summer Champion,  Dima "Rdu" Radu has signed with MeetYourMakers and will represent our team moving forward. Rdu will join the already successful MYM Hearthstone team which already featured two other players at DreamHack and ...



DotA 2: DreamLeague Season 1

Stream [plumwd_twitch_stream channel="dreamleague"] Updates Matches [ws_table id="4"] Standings [ws_table id="3"] Overview The ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1 begins on March 3rd and will be the first DreamHack Dota 2 event in 2014. The season will feature 12 teams, $100,000 in prizes and on-stage Live Finals at DreamHack Summer 2014. The main season features three divisions divided by region, ...



What bites? Developers, don’t ignore us!

Electronic sports has been seeing huge growth over the past decade in terms of viewership numbers and main stream recognition. The past 2-3 years especially have seen immense growth thanks to MOBA games such as DotA 2 and League of Legends, as well as the RTS game StarCraft II. Even ...



Growth of eSports: Free to Play

With the recent release of Valve’s documentary “Free to Play” on the 19th of March 2014, we were reminded of the hardships that eSports has struggled through to grow to what it is today. The documentary suggested that eSports of this scale is very much a thing of the new, ...


ESL One Battlefield 4 Spring Season

BF4: ESL One Spring Season

Stream [plumwd_twitch_stream channel="esltv_bf4"] Updates Matches [ws_table id="8"] Group Stages Standings (Group C) [ws_table id="22"] Spring Season overall standings [ws_table id="7"] Overview The ESL One is ESL's premier gaming competition for the best Battlefied 4 teams from Europe. Teams get to compete with each other on an almost weekly basis. Until the end of 2014 it features an overall prize fund ...