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MYM.BF4 in Group B for AMD Sapphire BF4 Championship

Today the organizers behind Dreamhack Winter have revealed more information regarding the upcoming AMD Sapphire Battlefield 4 Championship that will take place during the event, including groups, rules and schedule. Our team has been placed in Group B alongside Swedish side Eyeballers and the 2 teams yet to qualify from ...


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Evyerthing set for LCS Promotion tournament next month

Riot Games, the organizers behind the highly acclaimed League of Legends Championship Series released Wednesday the schedule for the upcoming Battle of the Atlantic, as well as for the upcoming European and North American LCS promotion matches, which will see last season´s 3 worst performing teams face off against 3 ...


ESL Polska

MYM.LoL drops out of EPS Poland Finals

Today MeetYourMakers is sad to announce that its League of Legends team will be dropping out of the ESL Pro Series Poland offline finals to be played sometime in the near future, this due to the fact that the team desires to dedicate their full time to practicing for the ...


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MYM.CS:GO in StarSeries IX

StarSeries IX is the ninth edition of the highest StarLadder League, following AmSeries and ProSeries. $30,000 is in the prize pool, doubled compared to last year, so the determination is rising within every team. After winning 2013 ProSeries,   MeetYourMakers has automatically qualified for the 2014 StarSeries, where they will compete with the infamous ...


POV #4

Nerchio in Point of View #4

Point of View is an interview show that our Editor in Chief,   Max "mki" Kieturakis has developed recently in order to give the fans of eSports a closer look to what professionals of the scene have to say. The previous three episodes of the talk show featured Mariusz "Loord" ...


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MYM.DotA2 to ASUS ROG DreamLeague!

The ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1 begins on March 4 and will be the first DreamHack DotA2 tournament in 2014. The season will feature 12 teams and a total of $100,000 prize pool! The main season will be divided into three regions: Europe West, Europe East and North America. Each region ...


DotA StarLeague

MYM.DotA2 loses to Team Empire

MeetYourMakers faced Team Empire tonight in another game of the SLTV StarSeries IX but was unable to pick up another win and points for them. That leaves them at the moment with 2 wins and 2 losses. The game started well, as   Metehan´Exist´Aksüt drew first blood on midlane with his ...