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MYM.BF4 in Group B for AMD Sapphire BF4 Championship

Today the organizers behind Dreamhack Winter have revealed more information regarding the upcoming AMD Sapphire Battlefield 4 Championship that will take place during the event, including groups, rules and schedule. Our team has been placed in Group B alongside Swedish side Eyeballers and the 2 teams yet to qualify from ...


alienware cup

MYM.BF4 take 2nd place at Alienware Domination Open Cup

The Team Dignitas Alienware BF4 Domination Open Cup took place this past weekend and we are happy to inform you that the MeetYourMakers BF4 team managed to place 2nd in the tournament, after only losing to well-known Swedish side Eyeballers in the Gran Final. The podium for the tournament was ...


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MYM.Fifa qualify for ESL Euro Series

Our MYM.Fifa 2v2 team, consisting of MYM.SnEijDeR and MYM.SaLz0r, has qualified for the upcoming ESL Euro Series Winter Season after taking 2nd place in Qualifier #2. ESL Euro Series is sponsored by Raidcall and CM Storm and features tournaments for FIFA 14 and Starcraft 2. The FIFA 14 tournament uses ...


WCG 2013

MYM.LoL in Group A for WCG 2013

Groups for the upcoming World Cyber Games 2013 League of Legends tournament were released earlier this week, and saw MYM be placed in Group A alongside the Taiwanese team, yoe Flash Wolves , the Colombians from Dash 9 Gaming, the Mexicans from Lyon Gaming and to conclude the group, the ...


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Two MYM.FIFA players qualify for EPS Germany groupstage

The German EPS has for years been the preferred battleground of the most talented German gamers, and as such has always attracted the biggest German organizations. MYM is no exception to the rule, and always looks to have some form of representation in the tournament. In the current EPS Winter ...



MYM.BF4 wins ESL 5on5 Dominion Test Cup #1

The very first ESL BF4 5on5 Domination Test Cup took place this week, and our recently announced Battlefield 4 lineup conquered the gold, achieving their first cup victory under the wings of MYM. The cup was hosted so the teams could get a taste of how future BF4 cups in ...



MYM.BF4 in EMS One Finals

Tonight,  MeetYourMakers defeated 2-0  Team uMAV in a best of three match. This was not an ordinary victory, as it placed us in the first place of Group C and got us a spot as one of the 8 finalists of EMS One.  MeetYourMakers has done great in the group stage ...